History of Boston North Cancer Association

Attendees at the Hope Begins Here Annual Awards Reception

Boston North Cancer Association, Inc. (formerly Lynn Cancer Association, Inc.) is a non-profit organization that provides North Shore communities with resources for cancer treatment, prevention, care and education. The history of the Association dates back to 1926, when the Education Committee in Lynn was established under the Cancer Control Program enacted by the Massachusetts Legislature. The committee worked diligently to publicize symptoms of cancer, and it was incorporated as a charitable organization in 1944 under the leadership of Carolyn Engler as The Lynn Cancer Association, Inc. As the result of continued growth and to better reflect its commitment to serving all of the communities located within the North Shore of Massachusetts, the Association was officially renamed the Boston North Cancer Association, Inc. in 2011.

Boston North Cancer Association Board of Directors

2019 BNCA Board Members


Susan McCarthy, President | Kevin S. McCarthy, Esq., Vice President | Vincent Leach, Recording Secretary |  Diane Solimine Edgett, Treasurer

Dianna Fisher, RN; Marion Garfinkel, RN; Ann Marie Gennari, RD, LDN; Jonathan Hall, MD; Laurie Hamill; Michael Hope; Joan Mahoney, RN; Diane Nanstad; Barbara Bargoot Sarno; David J. Solimine Sr.; Dan St. John, Kendra St. John; Melina Tansey; Lisa Gatti Whelan, RN; Janel Woodhouse; and John Woodward, MD.

Honorary Directors
Herbert H. Leventhal, MD
Calantha Sears