About the Hope Begins Here Award

Founded in 2011, the Hope Begins Here Award is presented annually to an outstanding leader and advocate for cancer treatment and prevention on the North Shore. In conjunction with this award, Boston North Cancer Association presents a scholarship in honor of each year’s Hope Begins Here Award Honoree to a college-bound North Shore high school senior whose parent passed away from cancer or is undergoing treatment for cancer.

2023 Hope Begins Here Reception

The 2023 Hope Begins Here Awards Reception was held Wednesday May 10, 2023 at Danversport, Danvers.

Save the date for Hope Begins Here 2023 Reception. May 10, 2023This year's ceremony honored James McIntyre, MD, Chief, Radiation Oncology, Mass General/North Shore Cancer Center in Danvers in recognition of his deep commitment to patients diagnosed with cancer and their families throughout the communities north of Boston. Thank you to all who attended!






The Hope Begins Here Award past honorees

2023 Hope Begins Here Honoree James McIntyre, MD

2023 James McIntyre, MD

2020 - 2022 Hope Begins Here Honoree Lorraine Sacco

2020 - 2022 Lorraine Sacco

2019 Hope Begins Here Honoree Joel H. Schwartz, MD, FACP

2019 Joel H. Schwartz, MD, FACP

2018 Hope Begins Here Honoree David Solomine

2018 David Solomine, Sr.

2017 Hope Begins Here Honoree Noel DeFilippo, MD

2017 Noel DeFilippo, MD

2016 Hope Begins Here Honoree Rebecca Yang, MD

2016 Rebecca Yang, MD

2016 Hope Begins Here Honoree Andrea McKee, MD

2016 Andrea McKee, MD

2015 Hope Begins Here Honoree Diane T. Stringer

2015 Diane T. Stringer

2014 Hope Begins Here Honoree Herbert Leventhal, MD

2014 Herbert Leventhal, MD

2013 Hope Begins Here Honoree Karen J. Krag, MD

2013 Karen J. Krag, MD

2012 Hope Begins Here Honoree Donald M. Perlman, MD

2012 Donald M. Perlman, MD

2011 Hope Begins Here Honoree Ronald S. Weinger, MD

2011 Ronald S. Weinger, MD

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